Example Uses

Some events our cold store has worked at

Cold Storage at Events

Our mobile cold store can be priceless at events. Keep stocks of food and drink cool, even in the height of the summer. This keeps your produce fresh and your customers happy.
Beer Storage at Festivals

Our mobile cold store is ideal for keeping kegs of beer cool in the heat. You can use our temperature control to get the ideal temperature to serve your beer. With it's beer pipe access hole, you can securely lock the container whilst keeping a feed of beer into your serving area.
Emergency Refrigeration for Butchers, Shops, Bars, Restaurants Etc

If you run a butchers, restaurant, bar or any other business where food or drink needs to be kept cool and your current equipment fails, give us a call and, availability depending, we can get the cold store over to you and provide a temporary solution to your problem. Have our number (07919 280 536) saved in case of emergencies and we'll always help where we can.
Cold Storage for Weddings, Parties and Events

The mobile cold store is ideal for weddings, parties and any other events where having a cold storage room for food, drink, the cake and any other equipment and produce is essential. Don't run the risk in serving warm champagne - hire our cold store and make sure everything is perfect.
Cold Storage for Fetes, School Sports Days etc

Having a fete at your school? Or a summer sports day? Keep drinks, refreshments and food nice and cold ready for the competitors. No-one wants a warm drink after an event and our cold store can hold a lot more bottles than a few ice boxes!
Farm Shop, Markets etc

If you run a farm shop or a market, whether regularly or occasionally, we can help with your cold storage needs.

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